Missing Classmates


We have no information on the first group of classmates listed. Any help you can give us in locating them would be much appreciated. If you are in contact with them, please ask them to contact us or to register on this site.




We do have some information on the second group of classmates, but don't have a valid email address (either the emails we sent bounced back or we never had one in the first place). If you are in contact with someone on that list, please ask them to register on this site or contact us. Is your name on this list? All you have to do is create a profile to remove it! If you would like no further contact from our class, please let us know and we will stop looking.


Donald Antonsen
Rahel Asfaw
Donald Asp
Jacqueline Auer
Norma Bacon
Raymond Benhardus
Lynne Britzius (Pfenning)
Laurene Bruget (Farrell)
Charles Constantine
Cynthia Cumbee (Rodriguez)
Mary Lou Curran
Kathleen M Kitty Douherty
Cheryl Dumire (Pallow)
James Fall
Judy Geidl (Vinz)
Allan Gerger
Toby Graisin
Diane Gray
Elizabeth Hammer (Saatzer)
Harold Hoover
Michael H Johnson
Lea Kauppi (Forrest)
Donna L Kaye (Saylor)
Kathleen Kelly
Scott Langaard
Kathrine Lippincott
David Lipstein
Frank Loomis
David Lunderborg
Richard Martin
Michael McGonagle
Richard Mortvedt
Richard H Nickerson
Kathaleen Nielsen
Patricia L Root
Gregory Sanocki
Darlene Sasse (Kaiser)
Veronica Schriever (Bochet)
Sharon R Schultze
Deborah H Smith
Christine Sorenson
Carolyn A Stensgard
Patrick T Sullivan
Diana Lee Tuttle
Linda J Walsten
Lorna Westling (Springston)